There are still only a few reproducable measuring applications to proof the immediate effects of PEMF's on human organisms. Within the field of complementary and alternative medicine, dark field microscopy is one of the most common and used methods. By taking a blood sample and putting it under a special microscope, red blood cells can be observed before and after an iMRS application with the whole body applicator. Watch the little video below to observe the difference in membran potential before and after an iMRS application.

An alternative method is the so called thermography. With the help of a thermal imaging camera it is possible to determine changes in the outside temperature of the human skin. Because of the immediate effect of an iMRS application on increasing blood flow, the changes can be displayed as on the pictures below:

vor iMRS-Anwendung   nach iMRS-Anwendung
before iMRS application
  after iMRS application


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